Short promo OUAT - 4x04 The Apprentice.

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Livestream links for Season 4 Episode 4 : The Apprentice

  • Those not in the US, you can watch the show live (not as a download) on livestream ( only EST):
    Stream 1 
    Stream 2
    Stream 3
    Stream 4
  • As for downloads: Due to piracy issues we cannot post download links here ( google can help you ).
  • To avoid spoilers tonight and the next few days, don’t forget to blacklist (Tumblr Savior or XKit’s Blacklist both work) any of these: “spoilers”, “ouat”, “ouat spoilers”, “404” ands4”.
  • The show starts at 8pm EST. Do make sure you calculate your own time difference. For a little help, check this site (or use XKit’s Widgets to add World Clock with EST to your dash).
  • If you’re still confused, there is a countdown clock on our main page.
  • If you make edits (graphics/gifs) of tonight’s episode, please consider tagging with the edits tag (reginamillsedit, ouatedit etc) as the tags will be flooded with all sorts of posts. Thank you!
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To Ali,

I don’t know if Snape’s a good guy.
But I know you are.

Love, Blondie

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"I believe this is my shirt, love"

"Well.. I just confiscated it, captain"

I don’t even know…

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Emma, say again.

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'The Apprentice' - Sneak Peek #2

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"I thought they had a choice. If they had the choice, they should’ve given it to him. They should have let the lion choose."

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Todos temos um sonho, não importa qual, basta nunca deixar de acreditar nele. Sou apenas uma menina que ama um pouquinho de tudo. Uma sonhadora que não se importa sobre o que dizem a respeito dela mesma. Uma Robstener/Twilighter/Krisbian/Robcessed/Halfblood/Divergent. Com um mundo de livros para ler
for Breaking Dawn - Part II

Rainy day and I'm
watching as my tears fall down the window pane
theme por affectingyou; com detalhes de decepcionar, abismopoetico e desesperancoso.